Terms of Service

Terms of Service

www.kitchenreface.com and associated forms, images, goods, products, and services are dbas wholly owned and operated by Hi-Lo Ind. Inc. PO Box 888, Chanute, KS 66720.

ORDERING AND ORDER FORMS: All orders must be submitted via our on-line ordering system located at www.kitchenreface.com

ORDER ACKNOWLEGMENT: Customer must review and electronically confirm all orders including all required product disclaimers, shipping policies and warranty information at the time orders are placed.

ORDER CHANGES: Because orders usually go into production the day they are received and lead times are short, order changes cannot be accommodated once the order has been confirmed. Therefore, it is extremely important that customer’s review all orders for 100% accuracy to avoid re-orders and payments for unusable product that once ordered will be shipped at customer’s expense.

CANCELLATION: Orders cannot be canceled under any circumstances. Be sure to review your orders carefully prior to submission.

PAYMENT: Due to the custom nature of its products, www.kitchenreface.com requires payment in full for all orders at the time the order is placed. All orders are non-refundable and cannot be returned for credit or exchanged for other product. The following forms of payment are accepted :
VISA, MasterCard
and are non returnable or refundable.

ESTIMATED COMPLETION DATE: Lead times are subject to change without notice based upon business volume. Most orders will ship in 10 to 20 business days. Updated lead times will be posted at www.kitchenreface.com and are subject to change at any time. While every effort is made to hit lead times delivery on a specific day is never guaranteed.

MANUFACTURING REMAKES: The customer shall notify www.kitchenreface.com immediately upon receipt of any non-conforming goods. www.kitchenreface.com will at its option issue a Return Goods Authorization to repair or replace the goods or credit the customer back for the cost of the goods. Any attempt by a customer to repair or modify goods without www.kitchenreface.com express approval constitutes the full acceptance of the product as-is and www.kitchenreface.com is not liable for the cost of the repair or replacement of such goods if replacement becomes necessary. In no event shall www.kitchenreface.com ever accept liablility for field labor or any other form of consequential damages that customer’s may incur during the use of products from www.kitchenreface.com.

Return Goods Authorization Process (RGA): Should it be necessary for a customer to return defective goods to www.kitchenreface.com the following process must be followed:

1. All RGA requests must be made within 10 days from the date product was received.
Requests made more than 10 days after product is received will be considered void. Remember it is the customer’s duty to inspect all goods for conformity upon receipt!
2. Customer must go to www.kitchenreface.com, click ‘Contact Us’ on the menu and provide applicable order information.
3. Customer must provide all job details including www.kitchenreface.com job #, line item # of defective parts on order, and address for freight pickup in the event www.kitchenreface.com determines that repair of the defective goods should be made at its factory.
4. www.kitchenreface.com will issue a freight pickup if goods are to be returned to the factory and will repair such goods within 3 business days after they are received. If repair is not possible www.kitchenreface.com will rebuild all defective goods within 3 days from the date an RGA requiring product rebuild is issued. All goods repaired or replaced at the www.kitchenreface.com factory shall be returned to the address where they were originally shipped without charge for freight or product to the customer.

SHIPPING: All orders will be shipped via UPS, FEDEX ground, or common carrier. Manufacturer will pick mode of shipment based on the following criteria:
1. Cost
2. Size restrictions of carrier
3. Lead time

Manufacturer will not be responsible for any delays caused by carrier. Freight and packaging costs are included in the on-line catalog price for each order.


1. Thoroughly inspect packages immediately upon receipt.
2. If damage to package is obvious, accept damaged package
but note it on the freight bill. If not noted, then damage claims are typically denied by carrier and become your responsibility. Refusal of the packages often results in delay of claims processing.
3. If no visible signs of damage are apparent, sign the freight bill but add the following note: subject to inspection for internal damage.
4. If concealed damage is discovered upon the opening of a package please contact www.kitchenreface.com pursuant to the RGA policy outlined above.
Remember, claims for shipping damage must be filed within 10 calendar days from the date of receipt and original packaging material must be available for inspection by carrier. It is ideal if product can be repackaged as it originally was so that the carrier can make a quick disposition of the claim.


www.kitchenreface.com gives a one year limited warranty on all products against manufacturing defects. Once, the customer has submitted a warranty claim via the RGA process outlined above, and that claim has been approved www.kitchenreface.com will process it as detailed under the RGA section of the document. www.kitchenreface.com is never under any circumstances liable to a customer beyond the cost of its goods on the original invoice where they appear and any associated freight involved in the return or replacement of such goods. Under no circumstance will www.kitchenreface.com be held liable for labor, material, travel time, shop time, or any other cost, expense, or consequential damage incurred by the customer above and beyond the original product cost and associated freight. This warranty specifically excludes any and all claims for the following problems because they are caused by neglect or abuse in the field and are not considered manufacturing defects after two weeks have passed from the date the product leaves the factory.

1. Bow and Twist.
2. Wood splits.
3. Joint separation.

The reason these are not warrantable issues after the two-week grace period has expired is because wood doors must be stored, installed, and cared for very carefully.
www.kitchenreface.com recommends that our product be stored in a climate-controlled environment where the relative humidity is held between 40% to 50%. Stile and rail joints may open slightly from humidity and / or heating and cooling changes. This is normal and is not considered a defect.

www.kitchenreface.com will not warrant any product that has been improperly stored or exposed to direct moisture or moisture conditions outside the 40% to 50% range.


Warpage: When wood is exposed to variations in temperature and humidity the moisture content in the wood reflects these changes and its natural response is to grow or shrink in the direction of the grain or slightly twist or bow. Doors up to 24″ wide and 45″ in height have a warp tolerance of .25″. Doors exceeding these dimensions are not warranted against warping. Frames only and recessed panel doors up to 24″ wide and 40″ in height have a warp tolerance of .25″. Doors and frames exceeding these dimensions are not warranted against warping.

Color and grain match of wood- Please review these guidelines on our web site defining expectations concerning wood species offered by www.kitchenreface.com; Wood Information

Door Joinery: Because wood is susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity joinery used to connect the stile and rail material to form the door frame can expand and contract exposing visible gaps. Staining and finishing the door can enhance this visibility. Lighter colored paint finishes in particular (i.e. white paint) actually accent this gap making it stand out even more. A gap of .010” is acceptable and would not be considered a defect.

Size Tolerances: Outside size tolerances for all www.kitchenreface.com products will be +/- 1/16 of an inch.

Min/Max sizes: Because we only accept orders via our online ordering system min/max part sizes are flagged by our system. In most cases we will still accept orders on parts out of our specifications as long as it can be shipped and does not exceed the maximum size our equipment can process.

www.kitchenreface.com retains the right to refuse service to anyone
www.kitchenreface.com will not ship outside the continental United States and Canada
www.kitchenreface.com specifications, prices, and policies are subject to change at anytime without notice.

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