Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why don’t you feature your telephone number more prominently on your website? Return to Index
We try to do as much of our customer service as possible via email. We do this in an attempt to keep our overhead as low as possible and in turn our prices as low as possible for our web customers. If you find that you are in a situation where email communications just are not adequate for you, you will find our phone number in the footer of the site. It is 855-431-8318.

2. Do you offer any wood species or doors styles not shown on your website? Return to Index
No. Everything we have for sale via is on the website. If you do not see what you are looking for there, then try our sister site

3. Can I cancel or change my order after it has been placed? Return to Index
No. We do not accept changes to or cancellations of orders once they have been placed. This is because orders go into production almost immediately after they are received and due to the automation of our system we incur expense anytime we must interact with a confirmed order. For these reasons we do not allow changes or cancellations. Please read and re-read your orders before submitting them.

4. Do you ship outside of the continental U.S. Return to Index
Yes. We are able to quote and ship to all 50 states as well as Canada.

5. What is your lead time? Return to Index
Production time for all square corner door styles is 3 weeks. All orders ship via Fed Ex from Chanute, KS.

6. How much do you charge for freight? Return to Index
We ship everything via Fed Ex. Your exact freight cost will be shown to you at checkout. You may enter an order and proceed to checkout in order to see your total cost including freight without actually entering payment information and placing the order.

7. Do you accept hand written orders or do quotes for customers? Return to Index
No. We only accept orders via the website and all pricing must be done by our customers themselves using our website. This is one of the primary means we have to help keep our overhead and our prices low for our web customers.

8. Will you answer questions about your product or how to use it? Return to Index
Yes of course, if you cannot find the answers you need on the website itself please send an email to Please provide the details of your question(s) and we will answer you the same day if the question is received during business hours (Mon-Fri 8:00am to 4:30pm) if the question is not received during business hours on a given day it will be answered the next business day after it is received.

9. Is there a warranty for your doors? Return to Index
Yes. There is a limited warranty against defects in workmanship. Here are the terms of the warranty:WARRANTY gives a one year limited warranty on all products against manufacturing defects. Once, the customer has submitted a warranty claim via the RGA process outlined above and that claim has been approved, will process it as detailed under the RGA section of the document. is never under any circumstances liable to a customer beyond the cost of its goods on the original invoice where they appear and any associated freight involved in the return or replacement of such goods. Under no circumstance will be held liable for labor, material, travel time, shop time, or any other cost or expense incurred by the customer above and beyond the original product cost and associated freight. This warranty specifically excludes any and all claims for the following problems because they are caused by neglect or abuse in the field and are not considered manufacturing defects after two weeks have passed from the date the product leaves the factory.

  1. Bow and Twist.
  2. Wood splits.
  3. Joint separation. recommended that our product be stored in a climate-controlled environment where the relative humidity is held between 40% to 50%. Stile and rail joints may open slightly from humidity and / or heating and cooling changes. This is normal and is not considered a defect. will not warrant any product that has been improperly stored or exposed to direct moisture or moisture conditions outside the 40% to 50% range.

10. What do I do if I experience freight damage? Return to Index
We go to great lengths to ensure the safe arrival of our products by taking advantage of the most modern and protective packaging systems available. All of our shipments are encased in expanding foam and packed by professionally trained personnel. Because of this we experience very little freight damage. However, there are still times when our products undergo handling that does result in damage. When this happens, our shipping partner Fed Ex takes over and guides our customers through their freight claim process. Here is a link to Fed Ex and their freight claim process:

11. I own / operate a custom cabinet shop, do you offer quantity discounts? Return to Index
If you send us an email detailing your business and including your phone number, our sales manager will contact you to discuss any future business opportunities we may have.

12. Do you offer discounts to contractors? Return to Index
If you send us an email detailing your business and including your phone number, our sales manager will contact you to discuss any future business opportunities we may have.

13. What type of hinges do you drill for? Return to Index
We drill a 35mm hinge bore for Blum Compact 38C and Blum Compact 38N face frame hinges.

14. Will you do custom boring for my hinges? Return to Index
No, we do not offer custom boring patterns.

15. How do I measure for my new doors? Return to Index
If you want your new doors and drawers to fit like your old ones, then you can order your new doors and drawers in the same size as your old ones that you are replacing. If you do not have old or existing doors or drawer fronts then you will need to decide how much of the cabinet face frame you want your old or existing drawer fronts to overlap and add this dimension to the opening size the door or drawer front will cover when it is installed. For example, if you decide to cover 1/2″ of face frame all the way around the perimeter of a door or drawer when that door or drawer is closed, then you would add one inch to the height and width dimensions of the opening that the new door or drawer-front is going to cover. When you install the door or drawer front, if you center it over the opening it should overlay the face-frame 1/2″ all the way around the perimeter of the opening it covers. Of course, if you would prefer to change the overlay, you may do so as long you leave enough room between adjoining doors and drawer fronts so that they can still function.An exception to the rule above on, calculating overlays, would be butt doors. A cabinet with butt doors is one that has both a left and right door with no center mullion between the two. In this case if you wish to use a 1/2″ overlay on a cabinet with a 30 inch opening you would add 7/16″ to each door. You arrive at this number by starting out with the idea that you want to maintain a 1/8″ gap between the two doors when they are shut. Therefore, you add 1/2″ minus 1/16″ = 7/16″ to each side. This results in ordering two doors both sized 15-7/16″ wide to cover a 30″ wide cabinet opening and butt together leaving a 1/8″ gap in the middle.

16. Can I order a sample door? Return to Index
Yes. We have reduced lead time and special pricing on our sample doors. You can order sample doors here.

17. What is the quality of your wood? Return to Index
Our solid wood doors are produced from #1 common stock. For more detailed information please see below.

18. What are some of the common characteristics of the wood species you offer? Return to Index
Maple wood – Maple in its natural form is a light colored wood. Maple wood grain patterns are subtle but can display intricate detail such as flecking, burling and small mineral streaks. This wood accepts stains in the light to medium color range but begins to blotch significantly when darker stains are applied. Because of it’s tight and relatively smooth grain maple is a good species choice for finishing in solid painted colors. Maple is a very hard and durable wood but tends to yellow when exposed to U.V. lighting. Cherry Wood – Natural Cherry is a very tight grained wood with fairly subtle and uniform grain characteristics. Because of the extreme color differences between the heart and sap woods, cherry will show shades of pink, red, white or even green to a lesser degree. Staining and photo aging minimize color variation. Cherry is also prone to darkening with exposure to natural light or even intense artificial light. This change is almost immediate upon exposure to a strong light source. The color variation inherent in natural cherry wood will mellow significantly with stain application. Cherry has natural characteristics such as small knots and sap wood streaks that add to the natural beauty of this wood and are not considered defects. Knotty Alder – Knotty alder is a straight grained even textured wood. Alder is pale yellow to reddish brown in color with indistinct boundaries between heartwood and sapwood. Knotty alder accepts finish uniformly in ranges from light to dark. Knotty alder is a fairly soft wood that is easily dented and dinged. Alder does not machine as uniformly as harder woods leaving a rougher texture in open grain areas like panel and edge profiles. Photo aging due to exposure from U.V. lighting is moderate and gradual. Knotty alder doors and panels will have a random number of knots ranging from very small to several inches in diameter with at least one knot in a door or drawer front. Face frames and moldings will be clear or have only modest knots. Open knots will be filled to assure integrity.

19. Do you offer grain matching? Return to Index

20. Are all of your doors made from solid wood? Return to Index
Our recessed panel door is made using solid wood stiles and rails and a 1/4″ veneered plywood center panel. Our shaker style doors are made using MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard).

21. How do you join the corners of your doors at the stile and rail joints? Return to Index
The mitered corner doors are joined using blind mortise and tenon joinery. Because wood is susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity joinery used to connect the stile and rail material to form the door frame can expand and contract exposing visible gaps. Staining and finishing the door can enhance this visibility. Lighter colored paint finishes in particular actually accent this gap making it stand out even more.

22. Do you have any dimensional specification tolerances for width and height? Return to Index
Yes. Dimensional size tolerances for all products will be +/- 1/16 of an inch.

23. Do you have any policies or tolerance specifications for warped doors? Return to Index
Yes. When wood is exposed to variations in temperature and humidity the moisture content in the wood reflects these changes and its natural response is to grow or shrink in the direction of the grain or slightly twist or bow. Frames only and recessed panel doors up to 24″ wide and 40″ in height have a warp tolerance of .25″. Doors and frames exceeding these dimensions are not warranted against warping.

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