How to Install

Installation is Simple

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Remember to shoot before photos.

After you place your order, you’ll have a few weeks before your KR kit arrives. Before you do anything, it’s fun to shoot before photos of your kitchen. Make a note of the location you shoot from, so you can shoot similar photos after you’re finished installing your KR kit. See our customer reviews page for some examples.

Remove doors and drawers. Prep the face frames.

Old cabinet doors come down easily. In most cases drawer fronts are removed from the drawer boxes by simply backing out a few screws. If you’re applying our PSA veneers, you’ll clean and lightly sand the face frames in preparation.

Install the prefinished wood veneer on the face frames.

You’ll notice we often refer to the veneer as “PSA”. Pressure Sensitive Adhesive is a very advanced glue that is already on the wood veneer. The usual procedure is to rough cut the pieces, then peel the backing paper and apply the veneer to the face frame. After it is in place, it can be trimmed with a utility knife, carefully following the edge of the face frame.

Want an even easier installation? Larger door overhangs mean you can get by painting the face frames.

The PSA veener is relatively easy to install, but it is admittedly the most difficult part of the installation. An even simpler method is to convert to larger overhangs on doors and drawers, in order to hide as much of the face frame as possible. The reaveal of the face frame, when doors are closed, becomes so small that it is negligible. The nice thing about this approach is that it’s not a compromise, but actually adheres to trends in cabinet design and your kitchen will look more current. With this approach, you simply paint the face frame with a paint color that matches your new door’s finish. Painting the face frame is much easier and can result in a final project that is just as attractive as the real wood veneer.

Hang the new doors. Install the drawer fronts.

The doors are already drilled for hinges, which will be included but not installed on the door, if you added them in your order. Fasten the hinges on the door, then hold the door in the opening while you attach the door to the cabinet. Drawer fronts are handled one of two ways depending on the style of drawer boxes. See the video and the drawer details on our install page.

Install your handles and pulls.

You’re finished. Step back and admire your work. Time to shoot your after photos, write a quick couple of paragraphs about your KitchenReface project and email them to us, so we can post your review for others to see.

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