The result was fabulous!

Berkshire and Claybourne combo in a Gallery Kitchen. “The result was fabulous!  It came out beyond our expectations.”

Hello, I have attached some photos of the “before & after” for my Kitchen makeover. I am from Canada and we requested an order for the Berkshire with maple frames because of out-of-climate conditions.

I have a small gallery kitchen, the cabinet doors were replaced with the Berkshire, and we used the Clayborne panels for the front of the counter top. The result was fabulous! It came out beyond our expectations, the two types of cabinets compliment each other extremely well. I also wanted to comment on the quality of the cabinets as we were impressed with that, being in Canada there were closer opportunities for buying but . . . 

 when we took a look at the samples you provided, it convinced us to purchase from your company. I was also impressed on how well the materials was packaged for shipment and the quick turnaround once the order was placed.

I have received numerous inquires from friends, relatives, and neighbors who are extremely impressed with our cabinets and the outcome of our project. It took just 3 days to install the doors and the panels on the front of the counter top. The result was beyond our expectations in many ways, the savings from refacing allowed us to purchase a beautiful granite counter top.

The project is about 85% complete, we still have painting and light fixtures to install and once that is done I will try to send you a photo from a different angle to show you the Clayborne cabinets covering the front of our granite counter top, with the Berkshire cabinets in the background. We have a small order in checkout with your company for a couple of doors which are needed to finish the project, one will be used as a cover to go over the dishwasher. If the attached pictures are worthy of your website please let me know, we will send you some more photos once we receive the additional doors to finish.

If you could, would you be willing to approve maple frames for the order currently in place that is ready for checkout? The order is for additional four doors, valued $200. This has been a great success story for us, thank you and your company for everything!

— V. Lessard

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