I believe that we saved $3000-$5000 — Julie

“I believe that we saved $3000-$5000.”

I believe that we saved $3,000- $5,000. In addition to being less expensive, I found that KitchenReface.com had a more intricate door front. Specifically, KitchenReface.com was the only company I was able to find that had doors with molding and glaze detail. One of the reasons why we decided to go with refacing and not refinishing was that we wanted a higher quality door design (not a simple or plain door front) and that was something that KitchenReface.com was able to provide.

We also bought doors for our downstairs powder room and laundry room. It really did not add much cost to our project and allowed us to have more of a complete renovation of the downstairs.

We are extremely happy with our project. The style of the door, quality of the door and quality of the hinges all surpassed our expectations.

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