A kitchen that she will really be proud of — Kenneth M

“A kitchen that she will really be proud of.”

The final results of this project were beyond our expectations! I placed an order on November 15, 2013 and we received the shipment exactly on the promised delivery date. I had placed the order for my daughter Sue, for her newly purchased townhouse.

Her original thoughts were to replace the kitchen cabinets… until she found that the cost was beyond the budget she had set for this move. While searching the internet she found the Kitchen Reface website and decided on the Berkshire style and color.

When the shipment arrived we were very pleased with the quality of the material, color, and finish.

My son Dan, who is a self employed carpenter, did the work of replacing the cabinet and drawer fronts. He was very pleased with the ease of the replacement work. He began with removal of the old fronts, and used the paint to cover the parts of the old cabinets which would continue to be visible. The paint matched perfectly! He returned the next day and completed replacing ALL of the cabinet and drawer fronts. He does a lot of redecorating work and he plans to recommend Kitchen Reface to his future customers for their kitchens.

The total cost was $1,745… much, much less expensive, not to mention the time and hard work eliminated, than with a total cabinet replacement project.

With the savings Sue was able to upgrade to granite counter tops to complete the look that she envisioned for her new kitchen. So, Sue will be enjoying her new home with a kitchen that she will really be proud of thanks to Kitchen Reface.

Kenneth M.

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