I saved money and they look great! — Grant W

“I saved money and they look great!”

This has been an on again off again kitchen remodel that I started several years ago. I tore out the red kitchen carpet and started to tear out the corner built in oven and fake brick facade around the range, but I wasn’t sure which direction to go with the cabinets, they were solid but dated. Finally I decided to keep on budget I would use the cabinet boxes and reface them, but even doing that was a budget buster until I found Kitchen Reface.

I choose to go with the painted doors and drawer fronts after getting a sample from Kitchen Reface, the quality was there and hinges were already drilled, which was a real time saver. I was pretty nervous about getting all the correct measurements for the door and drawer fronts, so I double checked everything several times. Just to show the savings by using Kitchen Reface, my double doors on the pantry are 79 inches tall, other refacing companies I checked wanted over 600 dollars for the 2 doors, by using the Kitchen Reface system of using 2 doors fasten together with dowels, I saved almost 400 dollars, and they look great! All the doors and drawer fronts came packaged very well and were spot on dimensionally.

Grant W.

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