Good quality, and no problems with the fit — Laure C

“Good quality, and no problems with the fit.”

I did a fix-and-flip project last year, which was a nice “grandma’s house”. I wanted to keep the character of the house, but make it appealing to today’s buyer. The Berkshire style doors worked out great – good quality, and no problems with the fit. I used the matching paint to paint all of the cabinetry, inside and out. It was a lot of work, but the oil-based paint provides a really excellent tough-as-nails finish. I felt good about retaining the existing cabinets, which were in good shape. And I was able to afford granite countertops to finish off the kitchen. I did all of the cabinet work myself, and left the countertops to the experts. (And I even made money on the house!)

Laure C.





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