I will swear by this company and their product — Thomas H

“I will swear by this company and their product.”

I bought my first home roughly 16 months ago. It was built in the 1970′s. I renovated everything but the kitchen because I knew that kitchen cabinets would cost $8,000-$14,000. One day I stumbled upon kitchenreface.com and watched their tutorial video. From that point I was sold. I measured all my cabinet doors and drawers twice and wrote down all of my measurements. From that point I plugged my dimensions into the website user friendly online store. It’s simple and easy to use. For $1500 I refaced my cabinets and brought my home to 2014. I could not be more happy with the ease, quality, and craftsmanship of the doors. I will swear by this company and their product. A+++ I have roughly 10 hours total in the entire project including measuring.

Thomas H.





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