It looks like a brand new kitchen! — H.A.

“It looks like a brand new kitchen”

We decided to reface our dated cabinets with good solid bases. We have no prior knowledge of your company, nor did we have any recommendation. We simply choose you with the help of our contractor off from the Internet.

Our contractor and my husband were amazed at the timely shipping and the quality of the paint and doors. Our contractor is a local builder with 20 plus years experience and he was hesitant at the idea of refacing. After this experience, he is excited to recommend this to more of his clients.

It took him two days to install the doors and paint. We also bought the decorative molding and he installed crown moulding up above that. It literally looks like we gutted our kitchen and installed a brand new one. Our total cost with extras like a new above the range microwave and labor was just over $3000.

I am writing of this experience as a business owner myself. Mostly, I tend to hear complaints over compliments. People aren’t as forthcoming with pointing out a job well done. Between the two properties, we have had more improvement projects to count and none have compared to the smoothness of this one. There was no damage, nothing to return or replace and as I said, the shipping was exactly three weeks from the time of purchase.

Thank you for a wonderful experience,


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