KitchenReface products were superb! — Richard H.

“KitchenReface products were superb!”

I have never done a kitchen reface in my life, and I am not a carpenter, but I am an engineer. I follow directions closely, measure 3 times, and mentally walk through the process in advance. I decided to take on a project after seeing your great instructional videos.

I started with a small bath to get some experience, and if I made a mistake, it would not have been a costly one. I just finished yesterday and the wife is over-joyed. No mistakes, looks beautiful with nice soft-close drawers and doors.

Now onto my next bigger bath, and then finally to the kitchen where we are excited to get rid of old ugly white-painted cabinets.

Of over 6 companies (and related web sites) I visited, KitchenReface was the best organized, easy to follow and order, the pricing is simple to calculate, and good pricing relative to competitors.

Lastly, KitchenReface products were SUPERB! Perfectly made. I was also surprised by the fabulous packing of the products so no chance of damaging anything.

Overall, no problems and we are glad we found you. It looks like I am going to save about 65% on the cost of refacing several cabinets by doing it myself as compared to many quotes from professional refacing companies, even after buying a custom cutting tool and supplies.

Richard H.

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