The end result is beautiful! — Trina B.

“The end result is beautiful!”

My husband and I purchased a 1971 split level fixer-upper about 5 years ago. We have been renovating as we go—on a tight budget. The main bath and the kitchen are the original custom built cabinets, solid wood but very outdated. We have talked a lot about the best way to renovate the kitchen, but the cost of new cabinetry is quite high even if we do the work ourselves. I am also opposed to ripping out the solid wood, custom-built cabinetry.

I started researching reface options and came across this site. I descided to start small and reface the bathroom cabinet before I tackled the kitchen. This site was so much better than other companies! I used the how-to section and the checklist, and built my order step-by-step. I used the clayton doors and 1/2″ overhang hinges (love the soft close!) as well as the PSA veneer. I worked on the bath cabinet for about a week, in between job and kid activities. It was all very easy to install and the end result is beautiful! I learned a lot about the process and will apply the leasons when we reface the kitchen next year! I will absolutely use KitchenReface for that project too!

Trina B.

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