The results were just amazing! – Larry K

“The results were just amazing!”

We wanted to update our kitchen but the cost of new cabinets ($10-$15,000) was prohibitive. I found your website, was pretty satisfied with what I read, and decided to test it out on a small powder room first. The results were just amazing and we only spent about $180. We immediately decided to do our entire kitchen and selected the Hawthorne line as our new look. The total cost of the kitchen project was $2,992. The material arrived in six boxes on Wednesday afternoon and by Friday morning (1.5 days) all installation was complete. The job was super easy to do and all of the pieces were fabricated exactly to my original specifications. KR did a fantastic job in fabrication, packaging and shipping. My wife and I are extremely pleased with the new look. The money we saved over buying new cabinets was used to purchase new appliances and a new granite counter top which is scheduled for installation next week. Thanks KR for your great products and for giving us the new look we wanted. We are recommending KR to all of our friends who are interested in possibly doing the same thing. It should be a win for everyone!

— Larry K



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