“Nothing beats my wife’s smile.”

The wife and I are greatly pleased with the final result of our kitchen refacing project. I recall the wife’s first comment about 4 months ago when I suggested to reface our bath and kitchen cabinets and do it myself because we had sticker shock from 5 different quotes by local refacing companies. The wife’s hesitant comment was “Honey, you’re an engineer, not a cabinet maker. I’m worried we will spend a lot of money and have it not look good.” Well, for once in 27 years, the husband was right this time. The result was fantastic.

Our cabinets were the builder’s old spray-painted white coatings. They didn’t look bad from a distance, but up close they were showing the 20 years of cracked, scuffed wear, and we were tired of the old white look. It didn’t really match our nice granite counters. We wanted to update everything with soft close hinges and a darker real-wood finish.

When searching for companies to supply our products, there were many to choose from, but KitchenReface.com had the best combination of easy ordering, good selection, apparent good quality, great reviews, and best of all, the pricing was in our budget. I liked that the doors were all the same price regardless of size. With other companies, they had a complex method of cost per square foot or other methods that lead us to not knowing how much it would cost until we calculated everything. And when we did, it was more costly than Kitchen Reface.

As strongly advised on the web site, we carefully measured our cabinet openings, panels, etc. It was easier to put all the measurements in a spreadsheet for comparison and tracking. We checked the measurements 3 times and glad we did because we found mistakes on some items that would have resulted in wrong door sizes. When we ordered the doors and supplies, they came very well wrapped and protected. It was the best and safest packaging I ever saw in a shipped product. Everything was perfect and fit exactly as ordered.

The more time consuming part of the project was putting on the PSA material to do the refacing. The online videos were very helpful and important. I bought a special cutting tool online that saved a lot of time and trouble. Once I got started and after a couple of hours practice, the progress moved along very quickly. The whole kitchen project took me 28 work hours which is pretty good considering there were 30 doors and lots of PSA to be installed. I suggest you order a sample door before your project so you can make sure the color is what you want and to see the great quality of the door.

Thanks to KitchenReface.com for providing good information and products. After all was done, we saved $11,000 on our kitchen project by doing it ourselves. Nothing beats the smile of a happy wife in her new kitchen!

Glen H.

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