“DIY Made Easy!”

My husband and I found a little gem of a house that we could afford as a vacation cottage, but it needed a lot of work. We have no construction experience. Oh sure, I’ve used a screwdriver or a drill bit here and there to hang a curtain rod or some blinds, but not much more than that. But DIY was the only way we could afford to redo the place, and after looking into it at the big box store, I decided to give this way a try. It took me a while to complete it since I can only work on the place periodically as we live in California (425 miles from our little cabin in Oregon). So the place is getting a makeover all over, and my kitchen is my favorite part of the house.

The doors and drawer faces went up very simply and smoothly in just a couple of hours, no problems and no hassles. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product. It has brightened the whole room and looks just perfect. The paint you sold for painting the facing matched the pre-finished cabinets perfectly, and dried to a hard, durable finish that I’ve been wiping with a damp sponge to clean as necessary with no harmful results.

My husband also gets a kick out of the no-slam, slow-close hinges. So thanks again for helping me achieve just the results I wanted at about 25% of the price I would have paid for all new cabinets from the store with the orange aproned employees.

I have also ordered doors from your sister site, rawdoors.com, for the bedroom closet my spouse built in to a corner of the cabin. I have bragged about your site to everyone who comments on the dramatic kitchen redo, and I will be recommending your products from now on.




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